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Press Release Fleet Management Agreement between KGJS and OSM Maritime

We are pleased to announce that Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Skipsrederi AS (KGJS) and OSM Maritime Group (OSM) today have entered into an agreement for fleet management services. The agreement includes a transfer of business from KGJS to OSM of all technical, crewing and support functions in Bergen, Singapore and Manila. In order to service the KGJS fleet best possible, OSM will establish a new ship management company in Bergen, while staff in Singapore and Manila will be transferred and co located with OSM’s existing organizations in Singapore and Manila. The new ship management company in Bergen will be owned 100% by OSM.

KGJS currently has 37 vessels under management, including newbuildings and vessels under third party management. OSM currently has 150 vessels under full technical management and another 400 vessels under crewing management.

The partnership will benefit both parties by bringing together the valuable technical and crewing organization from KGJS with OSM’s global reach and expertise. KGJS will have access to leading technology that will enhance safety and efficiency, and the partnership will also provide procurement advantages to KGJS from the scale of OSM. The partnership will ensure full and seamless continuity of management for KGJS both ashore and on board our ships with the same shore staff, officers and crew.  The start date for the partnership is August 3 2020.

Geir Mjelde, CEO, KGJS stated: “The shipping industry faces major challenges ahead in terms of technology and environmental regulations. Tackling these challenges demands scale and depth of competence. With the expertise built up in KGJS over many years and partnering with a reputable ship management company such as OSM, we ensure that KGJS is in the best possible position to deal with future requirements.

Geir Sekkesæter, Managing Director OSM Norway stated: “Whereas OSM’s hometown Arendal historically played a key role in Norway’s maritime legacy, the city of Bergen is now widely recognized as the home of one of the world’s strongest maritime clusters. We are proud that we soon can call this our second home in Norway and look forward to welcoming our new team members on board. Our initial ambition is that both employees and our customers should experience business as usual. Over time, however, we aim to provide even better services through close interaction between our customers and our knowledgeable and experienced staff and crew, because as we say in OSM, it’s all about people”.

Questions should be directed to:

Geir Mjelde, CEO, KGJS
Telephone +47 907 11 303 
Email: gme@kgjs.no     

Geir Sekkesæter, OSM Maritime
Telephone +47 451 03 451
Email: geir.sekkesaether@osm.no