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Fleet Management

KGJ Fleet Management is responsible for technical and crew management of the KGJS owned and operated vessels. The activity and experience has grown over the years and the company is now ship manager for more than 50 vessels in regional and international trade including 3rd party owned vessels. The Company has branch offices in Singapore and Manila. KGJ Fleet Management is offering competitive ship management services optionally in combination with chartering, operation and accounting services.

KGJS has renewed the fleet considerably during the recent years at first class ship builders in Asia and Europe. KGJ Fleet Management may offer integrated services for project management and site supervision

KGJ Fleet Management has experience from a variety of shipping segments and provides a large scope of basic services like:

  • Full technical ship management
  • Crew management and training
  • Purchasing
  • Planned maintenance
  • Marine Insurance and claims handling
  • Health Safety Security and Environment
  • Vetting
  • Emergency response
  • Accounting
  • Information and communication technologies / systems

The following optional special services can be offered:

  • Energy efficiency monitoring and evaluation (including engine diagnosis and SEEMP)
  • In-house Project and Newbuilding Department:
    • Project development of newbuildings and conversions,
    • Shipyard evaluation and selection advisory
    • Project management 
    • Shipyard site supervision for newbuildings or conversions
  • In house training center in Manila
  • Maker specific ECDIS training
  • Manning agency
  • 2nd hand ship inspection and evaluation