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Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Skipsrederi AS can offer good career opportunities in a company where the HR focus is "Its all about people". We therefore strive to be the preferred employer for highly qualified and motivated shipping employees.

KGJS aims to build a workforce with an absolute and infinite capacity to improve in every aspect of our business. We therefore hire innovative and proactive people who have little regard for status quo.

Currently KGJS has the following vacancies: 

Shore Based

There are no vacancies at the moment.


KGJS mainly recruits seafarers from Scandinavia, the Philippines, Croatia, India, Poland, Russia and the Baltic States.

If there are no vacancies available and you are interested in a position at sea, please submit an open application to Applications.sea@kgjs.no or have a look at our website for the Manila office for furter information about sea positions. www.kgjs.ph


As an international maritime organization, KGJS recognizes the fact that there is a shortage of good quality sea staff. In order to maintain our levels of professionalism and customer service, KGJS has an ongoing cadet program in the Philippines. This program has been initiated in order to maintain continuity and to replace both senior sea staff and shore staff in the future.